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    The UDF Repository for MySQL

    Welcome to the UDF Repository for MySQL!

    The UDF repository for MySQL is a community project that aims to offer an organized collection of open source MySQL user defined functions.

    MySQL UDFs offer a powerful way to extend the functionality of your MySQL database. The UDFs on this site are all free: free to use, free to distribute, free to modify and free of charge, even for commercial projects.

    Our Mission

    There are numerous MySQL UDFs available in the public domain. However, most UDFs appear standalone. Often, documentation and installation instructions are either scarce or missing. Also, there is little consistency with regard to naming conventions, error handling and error reporting. The MySQL UDF Repository tries to improve that situation. About


    Here's a list of things the UDF Repository for MySQL aims to offer:

    • Libraries that contain a coherent collection of UDFs instead of standalone, ad hoc functions.
    • Consistent approach with regard to naming conventions, error handling and error reporting.
    • Online documentation that covers compilation, installation, implementation and examples.
    • Supporting scripts to compile and install and test the libraries.
    • All libraries released using a permissive open source license.
    • Libraries will always be maintained.


    This project is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Oracle Corporation, the vendor of the MySQL database.