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UDF libraries


    De UDF repository for MySQL is open for any UDF library. If you would like to host your library at mysqludf.org, please send an email to info@mysqludf.org. We request that you keep any package hosted at this site maintained.

    All response and feedback is welcome. Please report any bug in our bug tracker. Questions and comments can be send to info@mysqludf.org.

    Creating your own UDFs

    We provide a skeleton package, which can be uses to get started. Search and replace 'lib_mysqludf_skeleton' with your own library name and run `autoreconf`.

    Here is a collection of external links that you may find useful:

    MySQL Manual
    If you want to learn more about UDFs and how to create your own, please read the official reference manual.
    MySQL: User Defined Function Tutorial
    This tutorial explains what a User Defined Function (UDF) is, what it does, and why/when it is useful.
    Creating MySQL UDFs on Windows
    This article describes how to build a MySQL UDF library using Microsoft Visual C++ Express

    Related MySQL bugs

    The are several bugs in MySQL related to user defined functions. Some of there directly affect libraries hosted here. If you find any bug consering one of our libraries, please report it report it at our bug tracker. We'll report it to MySQL if needed.

    If you are a MySQL internals contributor, please have a look at one the UDF related bugs at MySQL Bugs. Many thanks!